Why Apple Refurbished May Be A Good Option

Why Apple Refurbished May Be A Good Option

Why do People Even Consider Apple Refurbished Macs? If you want to buy directly from Apple, but don’t want to pay full retail, then I suggest you consider an Apple Certified Refurbished Computer.

when I say this to people they usually think either (a) I love it or (b) eww really? I would never buy that I don’t want something like that…

It’s Apple’s certified refurbished program, and it is the best in the industry.

What most folks don’t know is that refurbished is actually tested to higher specs than the new stuff. You can read more about the process on https://www.apple.com/shop/browse/home/specialdeals/refurbfaq_popup

It’s kinda uncommon knowledge that most of the refurbished units are actaully just online orders from customers who either upgraded the processor, when they didn’t need to, or picked a color they don’t really want and just returned it.

And sometimes, and this is very rare sometimes, there is a defect with the computer (called workmanship  – HA! robot workmanship) and Apple accepts the return no questions asked.

However, this is rare, and when it’s a return it’s for something like a hinge is damaged or keyboard key issue or something.

Either way, the computer gets returned, money gets refunded, and the customer gets a new product.

What Does Apple do With Those Macbook Pro Computers People Return?!

They throw them in a dumpster!


Haha, No I’m only kidding.

They take them to a warehouse and replace the damaged part, then test everything for full functionality, and then they box them up with brand new materials and put them into the refurbished store.

Anyone that buys Apple refurbished products gets:

(A) The same quality apple products backed by the same manufacturers warranty as new products

(B) the same support on their products

(C) You can add the Apple Care+ on them too

(D) the same return policy… oh and

(E) 15% off your purchase!! Whoot! yeah baby.

So if you aren’t shopping refurbished then you are overpaying by about 15%… haha just kidding.

They don’t always stock exactly what you need, and if your company or your boss is buyin’ why not just get the exact model with the upgrades you want?

But hey, your choice, if you find the right model in the refurbished store then hit it up and grab it fast because there is no guarantee that it will be there for long.

So to recap:

  • Refurbished Macs are tested to the same specs and more than new macs.
  • They receive the same Apple 1 year limited warranty and you can add Apple Care + to them for the same cost (with the same coverage).
  • You get the same support.
  • They come in a shiny new white box, with the words “refurbished” subtly placed on the front.
  • And they look and smell new just like a new Apple MacBook does.
  • Even comes with the little paper between the screen and keyboard.


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