Vlog #1 – Life Debt Free

I’m starting a new aspect of the online business today. I’m going to start a weekly Vlog to document my progress as I go of living a life debt free, starting another online business, and living a location independent lifestyle.

This week’s is about how getting free of debt has afforded me one of the most important assets anyone possesses. Their time.

Without time, we don’t have control over our lives and it is my belief that time is the most important asset anyone possesses, more than money and more than power. With time, it is the only thing which is finite (for now at least)…

I’ve been working on my businesses for a few years now, and getting out of debt has been something that has helped me immensely with this goal I have of building a business which isn’t dependent on me to run. I don’t think that “location independent” is enough to be honest, I want an asset that generates cash flow and provides value to the world, with or without me.

So I will be documenting my thoughts along the way in this weekly Vlog. Check it out, the first episode will drop tomorrow, stay tuned.


Author: Kristian

At the age of 22 Kristian found myself deep in debt from student loans, credit card spending, a car lease right out of college, and with few prospects and while living in his fathers spare bedroom, he began working diligently to get out of debt. That was 3 years ago, now he writes about how he did it, what tools and strategies he learned to accelerate his growth and get out of debt faster that he ever thought possible. To learn more about how he dug himself out of the $33,555 of debt he was in, while saving over $10,000, and all while doing it earning just above minimum wage check out: Mysimpleonlinelifestyle.com To date Kristian has been to over 14 different countries including Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Belgium, France, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, China, United States, and UAE. When not working on projects he’s passionate about, or helping local businesses with their marketing, you can often find Kristian reading, training Jiu Jitsu, or eating Thai food.