Goal Setting: Why People Fail to Achieve Their Goals and What to Do About It

Goal setting isn’t easy, and most people go about it all wrong. Today I’m going to share with you why most people fail to achieve their goals and how you can be different.

Ok, Story Time…

First, I want to share with you a story of somebody that I talked the other day. Lets just call her girl to protect the innocent. Girl called into my work to find the right solution to do her work with. She needed a computer, because her current one was about 10 years old and no longer working the way she needed it to.

I took the approach of basically helping educate her and helping her understand the different components first. Because her background was in liberal arts and not technology, and she was only just starting out with graphic design, she didn’t really understand the technical side. 

I happen to have a technical background, thanks to engineering school, both in college and high school, so I really understand technical concepts well. 

Using this knowledge I helped relay them into simpler terms for her to understand how the computer core functions worked and related it to the layout of a city. With the highway, and the speed, being the number of cores of the computer, etc.

What ended up happening was, she ended up asking me about 20 minute into the call “what do you think?” and “what do you think would be the best thing?” “what do you think would be the best thing for this component?” and “what do you think I should do?” and then I started talking to her about financing the computer since she didn’t have all the cash for the computer on her debit card. 

I’m not a real big big fan of going into debt, especially not for fancy gadgets, and if you’ve read my site read any of my articles you understand why. A lot of times people go into debt for stupid things like material possessions, cars, jewelry, watches, you know I like my Apple watch but I don’t have any debt on it. I paid for cash for it.

If you’re gonna buy luxuries, that’s how I’d do it, pay cash for them. Because they’re going to depreciate and having depreciating “asset” (not really an asset) or having depreciating items which also carry debt, is just a really bad way of spending your money in my opinion. 

So anyway, I helped this girl figure out which computer would be right for her, and then we started talking about finance. She didn’t have all the money she needed to pay for the computer; fortunately, the company I work for has an agreement with financing institution which offers first time borrowers a no interest option for 24 months. 

It was a really decently long term, and because there is 0% for the 24 month period it’s much the same as if you save the money, but I also stress upfront, that if you don’t have the cash to buy something save the cash instead unless you really need it. If this purchase now is your sole form of income, i.e. you earn your living working on your laptop or you need a new car because you’re a professional driver, then you need to get it working. If fixing your existing equipment is not an option then, and only then, look at other options (including this no interest loan). 

Some other options include, financing equipment with no interest loan from a family member or a credit union with a very low interest rate. But you must work diligently to pay off that debt and in our conversation she asked me “how old are you if you don’t mind me asking?”. I told her 26, to which she replied “How do you know so much? You are very wise for your age”. 

That’s when I explained to her it was only three years ago I had $33,555 worth of student loan debt and credit card debt. In May of 2018 I will be 100% free of my student loan debt and it is very nice to be able to finally say that. I managed to pay it all off within the last 2 years 11 months and through hard work, working overtime, and selling anything and everything I could get my hands on. Hit it hard and hit it fast and just don’t give up.

To which she replied “Wow that’s awesome”. She also told me how much she had in student debt, over $50,000, and asked me if I was a coach. I honestly haven’t considered coaching, but if you guys felt like having someone there to push you and challenge your thinking and help change some of your habits like I did then I could consider it. 

I told her about this website and to check out the articles I’ve written like 10 lessons Learned From Paying Off $33,555 Of Student Loan and Other Debt In Less Than 3 Years Earning Just Above Minimum Wage, or 10 Reasons You Need to GET THE HELL Out Of Debt!

Commitment is Key

But really everything starts with commitment. Committing to do something before you know how you are going to do it. Just commit to doing. Commit to doing something to change your life.

If you have a goal of getting yourself healthy then fully commit, don’t try and figure it all out before you even start. Don’t try and understand ‘how you’re gonna do it’ before you take the first step, just start doing it. Start today. 

For your health, start with just a simple workout routine. Just go to the gym and walk if you have to, if that’s all you can do. Cause you know what? If you’re really overweight, if you’re obese, if you know you’re on the risk of having health issues, then that’s all you need right now.  If you’re starting to have tremors in your arm, or if you’re starting to get numbness in your leg, that’s a sign that you need to change something. 

You need to change how you are looking at your health holistically, that’s what you eat, how you exercise, how you move your body, know how much sleep you’re getting, and what you’re taking into your body. That’s while at work and at home. Are you eating a bunch of junk food? 

Seriously consider your whole health. But only start with one aspect of something you want to change, whether it’s your health, finances, or just your mindset. 

Maybe you’re just not happy with your job. I don’t know, but you do. But start with something. Start with a goal, and work backwards into smaller and smaller steps. You know, my goal was pay off all my debt by December 31st 2018. I will be paid off in May, right now it’s April 21st 2018, and then I’m going to be able to start investing, to grow my business, as well as really start to make an impact on others because I’ve been where you are, I’ve done it. And it’s changed my life, but it all started with just committing. 

When I first was starting out I began reading everything I could about finance, business, marketing, and sales. It helped me get to where I am today. But even though I’m not where I want to be, I’m better than where I was, and you know what? Three years ago I didn’t even have hope. I was trying to figure out what I want to do with my life, and I had just no idea that focusing on the small stuff each day, the little daily actions, was what would build into momentum and provide the results that I wanted. 

So just keep doing it, everyday, just commit to small daily activities. Focus on just moving forward a little bit each and every day, and pretty soon you’re gonna notice that a few weeks, a few months, and maybe even a year or two later that you’re at your goal. 

And. And this is a big and. You’re gonna start making some changes, along the way somewhere you’re going to find that you need to change your goals slightly, but people are gonna start noticing. You’re going to start getting pat’s on the back and folks saying “awesome job” and “keep going, you’re looking good” and that’s just a great feeling. 

It’s going to fuel your fire you’re and result in you making even more progress. But you have to start out with focus on the one thing, the most important thing, that if you keep doing it daily will lead to those results that you desire. 

So, what is the the number one reason most people fail to achieve their goals? 

It’s not for lack of trying. 

It’s not for fear of failure.

You know what It is by now right? 






It’s because they give up. They quit too early and the don’t push through the pain. If only they would reach out for help instead of giving up mentally then more folks would reach the pinnacle of greatness. But alas… so few people learn this lesson early in life, if at all. 

So if you’re not one of the nay sayers. If you are the type of person with the will to win, then you understand that not every day is going to be perfect. Not every day will be the fantasy life that social media will have us believe people are living. But you just have to get up anyway. You just have to get out there and do it. 

Keep doing it until you don’t have breath left in your body, because if you don’t someone else will. I hope this all resonates with you.

What thoughts have you been feeding lately? Fear and failure or your success? 

Thanks for reading and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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Author: Kristian

At the age of 22 Kristian found myself deep in debt from student loans, credit card spending, a car lease right out of college, and with few prospects and while living in his fathers spare bedroom, he began working diligently to get out of debt. That was 3 years ago, now he writes about how he did it, what tools and strategies he learned to accelerate his growth and get out of debt faster that he ever thought possible. To learn more about how he dug himself out of the $33,555 of debt he was in, while saving over $10,000, and all while doing it earning just above minimum wage check out: Mysimpleonlinelifestyle.com To date Kristian has been to over 14 different countries including Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Belgium, France, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, China, United States, and UAE. When not working on projects he’s passionate about, or helping local businesses with their marketing, you can often find Kristian reading, training Jiu Jitsu, or eating Thai food.