Starting and Running a Business

When I first got home from college I was trying to figure out how to work for myself. I loathed the Idea of being stuck behind a desk for the rest of my life and wanted to know how I could once and for all work for myself. It wasn’t until I tried quite a few programs, stumbled along the way, joined and MLM or two, and gave up only to pick back up the torch and try again that I am writing to you today from this site. I’ve tested a lot of different business models and I’ve tried a lot of different programs and I can honestly say that many of them work. If YOU work.

One of the first things that people are trying to figure out how to do is pay their bills. “How can I earn an extra $1000 a month?” $1,000 more a month would change a lot of peoples lives, if used correctly. Well one of the fastest ways to make an extra $1,000 a month is to GET ANOTHER JOB. Yep, go get a second job, if you’re working 2 jobs already ask for overtime. I made over $3000 last year in overtime income from working extra for my existing job. It was fast and I got paid right then and there. You don’t get some of the benefits of running your own business, but you certainly do get paid quickly, and if you have your “7 baby steps” (as Dave Ramsey calls them) in place then you will be on track to pay off your debt and then move on to bigger and better things.

As I talk about it in “Don’t Start a Business When You’re In Debt” you really don’t want to try and start a business by going into debt or when you are currently in debt, especially not if it’s student debt, credit card debt, or mortgage debt. If you are taking out a business loan and you have a track record of running successful businesses that’s different. Still, if you can bring a value or service to the market and you will get paid immediately that’s always a better way to start than to sink a bunch of money out of desperation only to get behind then have a big bill to pay back.

Instead why not start your own online business?

The options are abundant; however, not all business opportunities are created equal. I recommend for anyone who is brand new and doesn’t want to cobble together random information from a bunch of different gurus, to check out one of two options:

(a) The My Silent Team community: Jim Cockrum and his team have built an incredible community for people seeking advice and guidance about how to run a physical products business online. It’s not a quick and easy route, and it does take real work, but they’ve put together some of the best content out there to train you and get you up to speed on almost everything online based. Their all encompassing course: The Proven Amazon Course is one of the best out there for anyone just starting out, and the fact that you get all the updates to it free for life you have multiple businesses that you can start just from this single program. If you are looking to test some of the concepts out before you dive in head first then head over to the free facebook community at where you can learn about a lot of these free or low cost strategies that will help you build a real business online that you can sell one day. This method, and a lot of the methods in the course do require some upfront capital, but you can start out with books, or garage sales, or estate sales even and then keep reinvesting your returns till you become debt free or even move on to becoming beyond debt free.

(b) start your own online business selling Digital Goods with a proven process for designing websites that “get the click”. You don’t have to go to school to be a computer programmer anymore to get a jobs or even start your own business designing websites that get traffic and paying customers. Before you used to have thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars to be able to setup a store online but now you can do it for a few hundred dollars. SBI can show you how to build a long term sustainable business online using a lot of the same marketing knowledge that the Proven Amazon Course does, but without the upfront cost of inventory. You will need to invest time though, as that is the only thing that we can trade without needing a lot of upfront capital. The good news is that if you follow the blueprint and you put the methods into practice, starting niche and then growing bigger you can grow a very size able income and then pivot into other avenues over time.

Don’t Want A Bunch of Inventory Cluttering Your House?

Here are some resources for how to start a business without the need for touching physical inventory…

Start A Merch Business:

What the heck is Merch?!

It’s amazon’s solution to developers having to charge money to play their games on Amazon’s platform. Because free games get more users to play them, and ads in those games draw away from the user experience, Amazon bought MULTIPLE million dollar printing machines and integrated it with their already SUPER fast prime shipping to bring the first ever Print on Demand system to the worlds largest online market place. And what’s that cost? Nothing, you only have to create new and original art work.

“Sounds too good to be true…”

Well it ain’t, I’ve already made my first $40 bucks off sales that I uploaded months ago.

“So how do I make that work?”

All you have to do is sign up for your free account at and then you can begin designing and uploading designs to their platform. Even if you don’t have experience as a designer you can upload designs through free text based sites like and get your first couple designs up. From there you can do a whole lot more with just POD (print on demand sites).

For a comprehensive course on how to setup and begin running a Merch Business I highly recommend getting the Proven Merch Course. Jim and his team have spent tons of time recording content from some of the best experts in the market place who have success doing Merch, and if you want to jumpstart your growth get that program and dive into Merch, do not deviate and try to run more than one business at once, focus on just one. Trust me, I didn’t do that in the beginning and it slowed me down A LOT.

Become An Author:

If you are not wanting to have a whole bunch of inventory cluttering up your house and you want to avoid that at all costs then consider becoming an author. All your “inventory”, much like with Merch, is digital. It’s all content based. So you never have to touch box tape, nor do you have to ever deal with mail getting dropped off at your door. If you have any experience in a, let’s call it niche, market place (like rugby, or sewing, or taking care of chihuahuas) then consider authoring a book or a site. You can get started relatively easy with or blogger and write about your chosen topic then pivot that group of readers into a book that is value based around your topic of choosing. This isn’t a fast method to make money so if you’re hoping to pay your rent next month with this then maybe go get another job, but if you are serious about building a long term asset then write yourself a book.

As it turns out, the My Silent Team Community has a course geared towards authoring a book and that course is fantastic, it also happens to be found in the Proven Amazon Course as well and you can find it here at The Proven Self Publishing Course.