How to Get 80,000 Pairs of Eyeballs On Your Business For Free

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Recently I got a notice that one of my clients photos for their restaurant recently hit 80,000 all time views, which spells out about 3k eyeballs a week for the last 12 months, free on Google. It was a very nice thing to see it come into my mailbox to notify me that each photo that we posted was getting so many views. As we all know in the world of online marketing that eyeballs = sales and sales = revenue.

But, we want our customers hungry for what we have to offer. You may be thinking to yourself, “why do they have to be hungry customers though?”. Well, what good is trying to sell a burger to someone who is full? They’ve already eaten a meal and they are stumbling upon your site. You could have the best burger in town, but if they aren’t hungry, they aren’t buying. All too often though people try to sell others who aren’t hungry at all and they end up starving themselves and their business.

So to help prevent that, here are 3 steps you can take right now in your business to get infront of more hungry customers.

Step 1: Get Great Sharable Content

If you sell anything that is physical and you have any sort of background in photography then take some really nice photos of your food. If you don’t have a photography background get a family member who is a pro or semi pro with a nice camera or even an iPhone to help you out. If you really don’t know anyone who could do this walk, or drive, down to the local community college and ask for the photography class. Talk to the teacher after class and ask if you can offer them 3 free meals in exchange for some professionally done photos from the students, heck offer to give the teacher the meals in exchange for a “project”.

Step 2: Post the Professional Photos Online

This is the long and slow approach, you want to take the really nicely done photos and post them to anywhere that customers could shop for your stuff. Your Google business profile, your Facebook Page, an Instagram account, your website, and even use them on your menu and your fliers to hand out to folks. The more synonomous your photos become with your brand the more people will recognize your business with the photos and remember you.

Step 3: Link Your Photos to your Site

Link your photos back to your site and/or have a way to contact you. One of the best ways I know of for businesses to engage with their customers is through chat services such as facebook messenger or chat bots on their site.

Once a hungry customer raises their hand they won’t wait long to get fed, and having chat bots work for you to answer those initial inquiries can help you serve more folks better, which means more money in your pocket at the end of the day.

If they have to wait longer then they are comfortable with then they will just getup and leave, and with a sour taste in their mouth. Which is why it’s so important that if your customers are hungry you give them a way to get in contact with you and you give them a call to action: “Call us today”, “Message us now for more information”, “Book an appointment today”, “Reserve your table now”.

You’re goal in the first 90 days should be to stimulate sales and new business and over the next 5 years plan to build a brand loyalty. Brand loyalty is built through reputation, how you treat others and choose to to business, and repetition, the number of times someone chooses to do business with you.

In the short term, you need to stimulate sales, and the best way to do so is through exposure and offers that people cannot refuse. A free burger for the first 100 hungry customers will certainly, if shared through your different media channels, and put in front of the right hungry crowd (no vegetarians unless it’s a bean burger) can stimulate business in the short term. And of course having a factory full of workers on their lunch break would be ideal as well.



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Author: Kristian

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