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This is a section for all the resources that I’ve come across in my time in online business and marketing. Many of these books and audio programs are worth thousands of dollars to the right individuals, and for some, not worth the paper they are written on (or not for that matter if they are e-books).

These books and audio programs have helped me shape my philosophy on wealth, time freedom, money management, business, and relationships.

If you are looking to further develop as a leader, a family member, a friend, a business person, an investor, or a person in general then I highly suggest you read any, if not all, of these books and listen to all the programs. You don’t have to do it over night, but these are here for you to learn and grow with. Enjoy.

Investing Resouces


1. Vanguard Investments:

This firm is recommended by some of the major “gurus” out there including Tony Robbins in His Book “Money Master The Game”, by Warren Buffett, Andrew Hallam Author of Millionaire Teacher, and by many other financial advisors and consultants.

The fact is, your wealth will grow faster if there are less fees, and Vanguard has some of the lowest fees out there while still providing asset diversitfication with their stock and bond index funds.

This is great for anyone with $6,000 ready to invest, you can get started with a traditional 401(k) and start using stock and bond index funds to grow your wealth. It is possible to see 10% growth investing in a diversified stock and bond index portfolio and leaving it in the market for 30+ years of growth.

This is definitely the slow but steady approach and Is step number 4 in “da Plan”.

This strategy, which Andrew outlines in the book “The Millionaire Teacher“, helps to reduce your fees charged and reduce your risk while maximizing the long term growth of your portfolio. Markets on average will grow around 10%, the US and Canada markets see this growth, as do many other first world countries. You may be able to get some more aggressive growth if you aim for small cap indexes, but I would personally stick to indexes to reduce your risk and keep the upside reward at maximum.

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2. Schwab Investments: A fair brokerage with some really useful tools

If you are an American citizen you can get a free brokerage and begin investing today. Simple stock and bond index funds can be had for dirt cheap and you can begin investing today.

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3. Robin Hood App

I recently just signed up for Robin Hood investment app because of my friend referring me to it. I have to say, the no commission fees is very enticing, and can save you a lot of money if you are trading frequently.

With that being said I plan to keep a maximum of 2% of my portfolio in this fund because of the risk involved. Day trading has inherent risks involved and the higher frequency you trade the greater you increase that risk of misjudgment. If you are looking for a buy and hold strategy then consider index investing with or They will provide long term growth and stability.

However, It is also a lot of fun to see your pick go up and up and up. I wouldn’t count on this as the bulk of your asset allocation, but if you really want to play, and can afford and stomach to lose money then feel free to allocate up to 10% of your portfolio, just understand that you could see 100% of that money disappear if you make a bad buy.

10% though isn’t bad considering the weight on your portfolio.

You will need to setup an account and get approved first, since it is a US brokerage, only us citizens will be able to apply. I will add more resources for non-us residents and citizens as I come across them.

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4. Etrade

I have an account setup through work but never ended up using it. It’s much like all the other investment brokerages. You setup an account, fund the account, and you are able to go in and start buying immediately.

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Get and Education on Investing:

Youtube – one of the best resources for information in an unstructured format and just little nuggets of wisdom is to go browse Youtube. You won’t find everything you need to go from point A to point B, however you will learn a thing or two, some nuggets may even be enough to go off of.

Investopedia – investing information resource, think wikipedia for investing. This is like a library, or a search engine, refer back to it when you have a question.

Some Great Books I’ve Read On Investing, in the order I read them:

Robert Kiosake – Rich Dad’s Guide To Investing

Robert T. Kiosake – Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant

Andrew Hallam’s – The Millionaire Teacher

Tony Robbins – Money Master the Game

Ben Graham – Intelligent Investor


Notice: I always recommend, if you are looking to accomplish something in a shorter amount of time, to sign up for a course on it from an instructor with a proven track record of success. Make sure, if you aren’t going to their course in person, that you check out their references and ask to speak to some of the successful clients first. Someone sharing their testimonial isn’t enough, you need to ask questions, find out what are the sticking points, what are the results you can expect if you go through the course or program and implement what is taught. Listen to some of the successes and the failure stories in order to get a more clear point of view and decide if this is the right path to take or not. 

Audio Programs and Books

Here is a short list of the books and Audio Programs that I have personally listened to and highly recommend for anyone interested in learning about business, personal finance, financial freedom and lifestyle design.

This is not a “how to” section, only my personal library of career developing books that I have found to have useful concepts within them and are written with the intention for action.

If you read these books nothing magical will happen, you MUST apply the lessons within in order to gain the knowledge contained, just reading them will only entertain you not truly teach you. Enjoy.

Enjoy a free month of unlimited reading on kindle:Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans

Entreleadership By Dave Ramsey – a good book on sound financial and business concepts that anyone can benefit from.

How To Master Your Time By Brian Tracy – the master of time management, I’m pretty sure this is where Tim Ferris learned what he needed to know for the four hour work week mastery. Whether your an employee or a business owner there are definitely some nuggets of wisdom.

Rich Dad Poor Dad – learn the mindset that makes you wealthy before you have money.

How To Win Friends and Influence People – this is one of the pillars to my education in human relationships. These principles, when practiced, can yield immense returns on time and energy invested in relationships. Much of the wealthiest people in America have relationships with others to thank. Hard work and time of course play into that; however, the right relationships can propel you further towards your goals faster.

The Millionaire Teacher – This book taught me the value of saving and investing early on. I learned about an indexing approach that I’ve gone on to use to earn 10%+ on my portfolio (more on that later).

The Millionaire Nextdoor –  Dr. Stanley’s in depth analysis, of what makes the 700+ millionaires he polled, wealthy. He goes into detailed analysis of the common traits and characteristics of the average millionaire, what they do and do not do, in order to attain that lofty status.

The One Thing: Gary Keller – Gary Keller, the founder of KW Real Estate one of the largest brokerages in the United States, if not the world, talks about his experience with burnout and stress starting out as an up and coming real estate agent in Austin, TX. He goes on to outline his process for bettering his health, growing his business, and regaining trust and love with his family through the experience he calls “the one thing”.

The E-Myth Michael Gerber – this is a cornerstone book and foundation to anyone looking to build a REAL business and is absolutely necessary for anyone looking to break free of the 9-5 and or start their own company. This multiple time best seller is beautifully written and paints brilliant pictures of Michael Gerber’s passionate life prior to learning business, interlaced with the story of a young woman who is struggling with her bread shop, and makes the story very easy to follow. It’s a great read for anyone in business, or not, who would like to better their own operations at home, at work, and in life in general.

Start With Why: Simon Sinek – the very speech that made him famous, ted talk, later became the cornerstone for this book. It’s a very real experience stopping, sitting down, and thinking “why do I want to be in business?” And more often than not, not enough people take the brief moment to ask themselves that. This book reveals many truths and shares with us stories of other entrepreneurs who were faced with the same questions and came up with their own answers to these questions. So why not try it for yourself?

Vagabonding: Rolf Potts – Inspiration for anyone with, or without, a wonder lust. Intially I read this book back in college right after being recommended it by Tim Ferris in his book the four hour work week. I read both books and immediately had a burning desire to setup my own goals to travel around the world someday. Now that day is finally here and I’m setting out on my own long term travel. To learn more about why people choose to live this lifestyle, and be effectively nomads, check out this book.

Leadership: Touching Others Lives – This is one of the best inspiration books that I have ever read. When I was feeling down or depressed cracking this open and giving it a good read, or if you have audible listening, made me feel better almost instantly. So much of our mood goes back to our physical state and our mental state. Jim Rohn, master speaker and business philosopher, has a masterful way with words and painting pictures of possibility. This book helped me dream again about what I could become and who I wanted to help.

Traveler Resources

Funding Your Travel


HelpX –

Travel Insurance

I use world nomads and have used them for years. Ever since that fated day when I had a laptop stolen out of my backpack in budapest I have chosen to invest the small amount of money to protect my possessions and to protect my health while traveling. To learn more before you buy check out this page on smart travelers insurance.


Other Resources is a great way to save money on gift cards, which you can use to fund your business purchases, or you can use to simply get a discount on future purchases. I also have used raise to sell over $200 in gift cards that I didn’t have a need for when I was paying off my $33,555 in debt. You can get a FREE $5 gift card when you signup and get a gift card within the first 30 days. Use it for business or as a gift for a friend, I don’t care what you use it for but it’s yours 🙂



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