How To Cut Your Grocery Shopping Time in Half Or More Each Week

How To Cut Your Grocery Shopping Time in Half Or More Each Week

In this short little video talk about how I spend as little as 45 minutes a week grocery shopping and how you can use these simple hacks to save yourself tons of time and money too.

If you’re tired of wasting needless time waiting in lines then try use this simple productivity hack to cut your wait times in half or more each week.

This simple little hack has saved me hours each month on shopping for food alone let alone countless other activities and tasks I need to get done throughout the week.

By the time you drive there, get to check out, and drive home most week days you’ve spent somewhere around an hour shopping.

Why not cut that time in half with this simple little trick?

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3 Responses

  1. Kristian says:

    Lists also have been shown to reduce spending as well. If you eat even an apple before you go to the store you will reduce the want to spend more and stick to your list easier.

  2. Kristian says:

    Yeah I got it from a book called the millionaire next door

  3. Great video! These are some good simple tricks many people can use to cut their time down at the store. I fall victim to this all the time. I think I’ll start making a list now!

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