Investing In Your Future

These are my personal resources that I use to invest and grow my net-worth. They are used by some very wealthy individual investors including Andrew Hallam, Author of The Millionaire Teacher.

Vanguard Investments:

Great for anyone with more than $6,000 ready to invest, you can get started with a 401(k) or a Roth IRA and start using stock and bond index funds to grow your wealth. I highly recommend using this strategy because of the low expense ratio and the returns of around 10% you can achieve.


Money Chimp: Common Sense Investing and Tools

Simple, to the point financial site without a bunch of advertising. You can learn about index investing, and check out their savings calculator to find out how much your simples savings can spell out in retirement for you.

A $4 coffee 3x a week invested at 3% for 20 years will mean another $17,000 you can blow on a boat or a trip to Fiji for a week.

Schwab Investments: A fair brokerage with some really useful tools

If you are an American citizen you can get a free brokerage and begin investing today. Simple stock and bond index funds can be had for dirt cheap and you can begin investing today.


Important disclaimer: Anything I recommend on this site I’ve personally used and believe in. Some of the links on this site, when you click on them, will give me a small affiliate commission at no additional cost to you. These links will cost you nothing to use, the price of the linked products and resources remain the same; however, when you use these links it helps support this site. It takes quite a bit to run a website and it ain’t cheap.

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