How to Save $10,000 or More on Your Next Starbucks Visit

How to Save $10,000 or More on Your Next Starbucks Visit

How to Save yourself $10,840.50 on Your Next Starbucks Visit

If you don’t already know this simple hack then you could be paying more than you need to for your Starbucks visits and get free internet anywhere in the world there are starbucks locations.

It’s a simple fact that all of us have cravings and short comings, but it needn’t put a financial dent in your budgeting. After you begin implementing this simple trick you too could pocket as much as $10,000 over the lifetime of your Starbucks visits.

The Epiphany:

Just the other day I was waiting in line at my local Starbucks and when I got up to the counter to place my order the gal that normally takes my order asked me what I wanted. I proceeded to tell her the usual, iced coffee, small, black, no sugar or cream.

Then she looks at me and says “do you have he Starbucks app?”

I looked at her confused thinking to myself “why the hell would I want to get spammed?”

That’s when she told me the magic words. “You can get a free refill when you scan the app”

FREE. RE-FILLs? WhaaaaaaaT?free-refills

Wait, you’re telling me that just by downloading your silly app I can get free coffee? Just for coming and blowing up your wifi, taking up a seat, and pissing in your bathroom WAY too many times every day?


Holy shit! That’s Freaking awesome!

Consider this:

And for anyone who doesn’t understand the gravity of this situation consider this.

Home internet costs: $46 a month

Co-working space costs: $1000 + a month

Coffee (smallest itty bitty cup): $2.65 a freakin’ cup

So simply buying a cup of coffee 20 x a month (or once a day) it will cost you $53 a month (that’s basically my internet bill – or what it was) and I get a membership anywhere in the world !!! Booyah!!! (Thank you Starbucks 26,000+ locations)

Ok and if you’re still not convinced to give up one of the fake emails you use for access if you simply get 2 cold brew coffees a day per visit, and you go daily to Starbucks, and assuming that you live for at least another 55 years, then you could stand to save $10,840 and I’ll show you how.

$2.65 for the first cup, then every cup after is free.

Refills cost $0.54

If I bought a cup every day for the next 55 years that would be $0.54 x 1 x 365 x 55 = $10,840.50

If my normal internet costs would be $46 a month, I’m basically paying $7 a month for a global internet/coffee pass that I can get anywhere in the world and I can “cancel” at any time.

Pretty freaking sweet huh?

Right now I’m writing this from good Ol’ Kerrville Tex-ass. That’s right folks. Travel anywhere there is civilization and you have a global 1GBps internet pass and coffee for just about $50 bucks a month.

Hope this helps you guys, if you got value from this post please take a moment to share it with your friends and family on social.

Catch you later.


p.s. you can get the starbucks app here:

Just open the app, sign up (you can give them any email even one you don’t use anymore) and then just tap “pay”. It will show them a scanner that won’t charge you anything on your refill. Cheers!


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