How To Move Past Paralysis By Analysis

How To Move Past Paralysis By Analysis

Are you feeling stuck? Are you struggling to make progress towards your goals? Have you felt information overwhelm?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then listen up. This little nugget of wisdom will help you break free and make progress

Don’t Over Analyze Things Before You Start

One of the biggest challenges to getting started with you know paying off your debt starting up your own business starting to develop a lifestyle that you choose to have is overthinking.

I remember that I tend to think a lot about things and have a very analytical mindset or so I’ve been told.

I tend to analyze things and I’ve actually noticed that I have paralysis by analysis by not “doing”.

Something that I’ve found it’s not just a struggle I have, it’s a struggle that a lot of people have and the only solution that I can think of that can help solve this is to take action. 

I know, you hear it all the time in self-help circles and internet marketing circles and in online business circles like Amazon and eBay. You always hear “just take action, take action, take action” and it’s like alright I right I get it I’m supposed to take action but you’ve given me eight 18 hours of content how am I supposed to take action whenever i’ve I’ve got 17 days worth of videos to watch?

The simple truth is that you are not supposed to have all the answers when you start. If you continue to research and research and “think” before you act then you are going to get stuck in that “paralysis by analysis stage”. 

So the simple solution is to take small actions and small steps, small commitments, and then grow those small steps and actions into bigger ones. 

Now if you’ve got only $400 to your name, or even just $200 to your name, right we’re HECK! Seth from Just One Dime  had literally “Just One Dime” to his name he grew a business to the $1MM + mark

In the beginning he was working for someone else and was making his money to only be able to pay his bills and stuff but his actual startup capital was a dime, as in a single coin.

He just went down to downtown Austin and kept asking people to double his dime until he got to $400 and then once he got up to about $400 and he re-invested in products he could sell online

A simple example of you how you don’t have to have much to get started. You could start with only 50 bucks, going out to garage sales on the weekend and find some stuff to sell on ebay and amazon. You could also start up a blog, or start up a Shopify site and learn how to get traffic to your Shopify site. 

The point is, you can get started with a small amount of investment capital and scale things up really big.

Don’t Over Commit and Allocate All Your Resources to Just One Venture

Don’t commit 100% of your finances to starting a business that isn’t proven yet.

Don’t commit your mortgage, don’t take a second mortgage on your home in order to get a loan to start a business that you don’t have experience in

If you had experience you’d have cash flow coming in from your business you could then use to fund another venture. 

Don’t commit a hundred percent of your money, don’t commit a hundred percent of your finances unless you’ve only got 400 bucks to your name.

Test small at first and buy stuff for ten bucks or something. Once you start turning a profit then you can reinvest that into bigger purchases.

If you are just starting out, you can afford to gamble more of what you have and lose it all, but if you can manage to gamble less than 10% of your total investment capital then do that and test small. By lower cost items at first or start up something free like social media and learn how to provide value first and get paid to do so.

Once you have some capital to reinvest then begin spending more and aim for lower cost investments where you can maximize your return first.


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