How To Getting Started Selling Online In 3 Easy Steps

How To Getting Started Selling Online In 3 Easy Steps

MSOL_Ebay_AmazonHow To Getting Started Selling Online In 3 Easy Steps

If you think that you have to have a bunch of capital to start up a business then you’re wrong. You can start selling online with just a couple dollars and start flipping for a profit.

If you get setup with a free craigslist account and a free facebook account you can start flipping products you find on craigslist to facebook for NOTHING, nothing but time that is… or if you have a few dollars to spare you can start with finding stuff locally and selling it on ebay and amazon.

Heck! You can even start selling things from around the home.

STEP 1: Learn Where To Sell

If you aren’t already familiar with the different market places then selling online can be rather tricky as you won’t know where to sell what.

The first step to selling online is to familiarize yourself with some of the common market places such as eBay, Facebook, craigslist, Etsy, and of course probably the biggest one Amazon.

Once you’ve become familiar with what is listed on these different market places and what is common to sell you will start to understand where you can offer different items.

For example, craigslist is a good resource to find local sales, garage sales where you can find inexpensive near new items, and free stuff give aways.

You can then turn and sell the garage sale items (such as used books and toys that are open box) on amazon and ebay, and the free stuff on facebook market place (usually items too big to ship like tv’s and speakers).

STEP 2: Learn How To Find Products That Are Already Selling

Next, you will need to find out what is already selling. The best way to do this is to download two free selling apps, ebay and amazon.

With Amazon, the sales rank will help you understand which items are selling best and which ones are flops.

If a book has a sales rank under 500,000 then it is a solid book, but be careful of having too low of a sales rank because it can be too competitive and then become non-profitable.

One of the best courses on selling books is the In that course Bryan goes over everything that you need to get started sourcing books and what to look for, how to scan, scanning technology, and some other common resources.

Really though, the trick is just to get started, and one of the easiest places to get started in my opinion is finding and listing stuff on eBay.

I love going out to garage sales and using my eBay app to search for toys and for other items that I can flip on amazon or eBay just by checking the “sold” tab under filter.

The Ebay Garage Sale Research Method

  1. Open the ebay app and do a search with the text field or the camera app and select “filter” in upper right.


2. Select “sold items”


3. Go back to the search results


Now you should be able to tell if an item is profitable while you are out and about at garage sales. You can use the recent sold prices to get an estimate as to what you can sell various items online for. Often times I find items that some people are selling for only a couple dollars but one person has sold for 5x as much within the last month and I end up selling it for that as well. So don’t go based on the low price go based on a blended average and look for the last time something sold.

The Amazon Research Method:

Now you can also go ahead and start listing stuff on Amazon as well, and here’s a video on how to get started doing that:


The best things that sell on Amazon from garage sales and thrift stores are opened box items that haven’t been used or damaged (you can close the box and send them in but check to make sure it has all the parts), brand-new items that are discounted at local stores, clearance items, and used books.

There are of course more advanced strategies for selling online out there but this is the basics, finding local inventory and listing it online for the whole world to be able to purchase.

For a more comprehensive course on selling online I recommend you get the proven amazon course. It’s constantly updated and being refreshed with new courses every year for how to run an online business.

STEP 3: If You Are Struggling, Get Help

Like most people, I struggled for a long time on my own before I decided to get help, but once I did everything got easier.

If you prefer to work on your own, and learn from each and everyone of your own mistakes then by all means, do it on your own.

It’s definitely a slower growth process than some would prefer, but if you are starting from 0 then this is the place to begin.

Buying books for Pennys and flipping them for $100 bills is a great way to have some small wins and roll those back into the business.



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