How To Finally Eliminate Telemarketer(s)

How To Finally Eliminate Telemarketer(s)

Stop telemarketing calls

If you’ve ever had an annoying call come through from a telemarketer, you know those guys with a thick accent who are trying to sell you viagra or some crap you don’t need? Then you know the pains of dealing with these people and how you can hang up on them 100 times and they still won’t stop calling…

Obviously they are still stuck in the 90’s with their boiler room esk call centers and their repeated attempts to hawk crap… but I’m wondering why they are still doing this when it doesn’t do anyone any favors except for the occasional con man whom makes a quick buck.

The Question Still Begs to be Asked, How Does One Avoid These Pesky Goons?

I think I may have an answer my friends, and it comes in the form of a free call screening assistant.

Actually, I have 3 useful tools to help reduce the number of pesky “pill salesman” and unwanted insurance quote calls and here they are:

Number 1: Mr Number

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 9.20.51 PM

I just recently heard about this application and I think it may have been through an application search on the iPhone iOS store, I’m not certain to be honest. I will say though that since I downloaded Mr. Number, my number of fraud calls has declined by at least 20% I would say, and of the remaining spam and telemarketer calls that do come through, between Mr. Number and t-mobiles fraud screening I answer about 0% of spam calls now adays.

The caller id, again thanks to Mr. Number, shows up as either 1 of 3 options. (1) Potential Spoofing a little yellow triangle with exclamation point (2) Telemarketer with a little yellow triangle with exclamation point, or (3) Scam calls with a little red minus sign (not shown above).

And if you so choose you can even send these calls straight to voicemail without having to avoid the call.

Now another thing I really like that this app does is it allows you to copy the number of a call that “slipped through the cracks” into the app and you can add the number to the Mr. Number database of spoofy numbers and thus help out everyone else in the community too avoid the unwanted pill salesman from overseas…

For the link to itunes where you can download mr. Number for free click here:

For where to download it on the Android Play store go here:

Number 2: Get Your Own Call Screening Assistant For Free

Now this second one is a little more old school and after mentioning the above resource I kind of feel like this is not really necessary; however, it is definitely good for anyone using android or another operating system if Mr. Number is in fact only on the iOS platform.

Google, back in 2009, launched google voice a free service through Grand Central. This program allowed it’s users to claim a telephone number with a local area code, have calls screened real time, sent to voicemail, then transcribed for the user to view through text and/or email. Now this was the bee’s knees (no kidding) back when it launched in 2009 and you had to jump on the opportunity to get a number in your local area code or you might miss out.

Since then though area codes that were previously unavailable have now become available, and my guess is that folks have dropped out of the program as now there are area codes which were formerly unavailable.

Either way this program is still a great program to use for call screening as most of the telemarketing calls and the spammy craigslist pyramid schemes go straight to voicemail where you get to read them in a convenient (fairly accurate) text format.

To start using google voice you need a google account and to follow their basic setup guide which you can find here:

Number 3: Use Your Voicemail and Text Message

Last but certainly not least, good ol’ voicemail and text. If you are like me then you really dispise being bothered by unwanted calls of people trying to sell you junk you don’t need. Being in sales for so long, one can truly appreciate the time and effort going into crafting a quality message for an amazing product and have it reach clients whom are interested.

One can also begin to lothe all the amatures and the people out there trying to peddle cheaply made products and services that leave a customer desperately needing to fix the problem the “cheaper” option created… even though had they sought out the right help in the first place it would have cost them a fraction of the time and headache that they “discount” option did.

With that being said, I have now created a short message that I have on my voicemail that all folks whom are not saved in my phone contact list will get to hear. It goes something like this:

Hi, thank you for calling _______ phone. Due to the abnormally high number of telemarketing calls that I get on a daily and weekly basis I will be sending all calls to voicemail. I apologize in advanced if this has caused you inconvenience if you are someone that I do business with; however, in order to ensure that I am available to answer calls from you and from other welcomed business associates I have had to take measures into my own hands and stop relying on the national do not call registry (ha! What a joke). With that being said any friends or family that need to reach me you know how to get a hold, and if I don’t have your number saved in my phone and you got sent to voicemail, maybe there’s a reason why I didn’t take your call… I hope you all have a wonderful day and if you are still doing telemarketing please look for a real job in your spare time.”

With this message I get to weed out the last 5% of callers that still think they will some day get that last pack of overpriced sugar pills in my hands. My rational is that with these three systems in place, I’m only getting the calls that I truly am looking to get and I haven’t had any issues with receiving the calls that actually matter. Friends and family that I want to speak to are saved in my phone and can text me, email me, or hit me up on social media messengers. Business associates have my business email, and unwanted spammers are kept in their place (right in my voicemail box where I can add their number to Mr. Number and delete their message).

Now I also learned that often times telemarketers will not text, so when they don’t text back it’s an immediate sign that they are spammers. Likewise, if someone really needs to get a hold of you, they can send you a text message or an email to reach you.

Ultimately it leads back to one thing, as one of my mentors, Dan Kennedy, once said “you must go from unwanted pest to welcome guest”. I believe this is a great lesson for all the people out there desperately clinging to that call center job, Ditch the job! You’re better than that… As long as you randomly dial numbers for a living you are going to be an unwanted pest, and if you are reading this wondering how to keep the pests off your lawn, well I gave you the tools that I use to get rid of them critters. It’s up to you to use them.





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