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Learn to Replace Any Habit in 7 Simple Steps

We all have a habit that we wish we didn’t, maybe it was biting your nails, eating junk food when we are stressed, or shopping when we feel lonely. Since habits are so simple and easy to form, is it any wonder that we have problems in life? So what is a habit and how…
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How To Move Past Paralysis By Analysis

Are you feeling stuck? Are you struggling to make progress towards your goals? Have you felt information overwhelm?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then listen up. This little nugget of wisdom will help you break free and make progress

Why Multitasking is the Death Of Productivity

Why do we think multitasking is a skill? I know countless job postings which claim that applicants “must be able to multitask” and yet, when we actually look at the research, not only is multitasking not actually a “thing” but it’s actually a great way of reducing your productivity. So why is it that employers…
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How To Cut Your Grocery Shopping Time in Half Or More Each Week

Tired of long lines at the grocery store? Waiting at the gas pump? Don’t like taking hour long lunches with only 10 minutes to actually eat?

Stop telemarketing calls

How To Finally Eliminate Telemarketer(s)

If you’ve ever had an annoying call come through from a telemarketer, you know those guys with a thick accent who are trying to sell you viagra or some crap you don’t need? Then you know the pains of dealing with these people and how you can hang up on them 100 times and they still…
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Top 4 Productivity Apps I Use

It’s been brought to my attention that i’m spending way too much time on the laptop. Mostly i’m spending unnecessary time, and that results in stress and burnout. So to counter this, I’ve made a move to test out a new set of Productivity App s to get more organized, become more efficient, and to…
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