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How to Save yourself $10,840.50 on Your Next Starbucks Visit

How to Save $10,000 or More on Your Next Starbucks Visit

If you don’t already know this simple hack then you could be paying more than you need to for your Starbucks visits and get free internet anywhere in the world there are starbucks locations. It’s a simple fact that all of us have cravings and short comings, but it needn’t put a financial dent in…
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Millennial finance Advice: Should I Move Out of My Parents House?

I got asked the question the other day on Quora “Should I move out of my parents house? or stay at home and save money?” I answered this on quora but I thought that it deserves a video because this is on the tip of everyone’s mind lately. Only in “Western” countries do we find…
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How To Save Money On Your Next Car Buying Experience

A lot of people ask me how I paid off $33,555 of debt in less than 3 years and what I could make the biggest difference for them in terms of their bottom line. Knowing how to buy a decent used car and save money on what you should be saving money on is one…
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6 Ways You Can Drastically Decrease Your Food Costs And Double Your Savings

If you are still struggling to pay your rent, or to build your savings up to $1000 dollars in your emergency fund, then you know, every little bit helps. I personally know folks that spend over $500 a week on groceries and more than that on eating out. When you’re making 6 figures a year…
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What Can Money Do for You?

Money can’t buy you Happiness, but it can buy you time. Money won’t buy you friends, but it will buy you a home. Money won’t fight your battles but it will lessen the blow. Money isn’t what’s important in life, it’s what you do with the money that counts. What can Money Buy You? If…
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Launching a New Book and Looking for Early Readers

Hi Guys and gals, Hope you are doing well and enjoying Memorial Day weekend (for all my US readers), if not, I hope you are enjoying your weekend regardless. I’m laying here in bed with my girlfriend, about to watch Pacific Rim Uprising, and I wanted to write it before I forgot. I will be…
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Types of Debt And Which Ones To Avoid

Have you ever wondered why there is so much mixed information out there on the internet about money, finance, and debt? Which debt is bad? Which is good? The answer may surprise you. 

Never Jump Without A Parachute

Emergency Fund Basics

If you are struggling to make progress on your debt, are living month to month, or are tired of working for someone else, then you absolutely need this…

Final Student Loan Debt Payment

Scheduling My Final Student Loan Debt Payment

Are you tired of student loan debt? Learn how I crushed over $33,555 in less than 3 years on just above minimum wage…

The Basics Of Budgeting

How My Girlfriend and I Sold Both of Our Cars and Pocketed $13,800 Cash in Under One Hour…

A couple weeks ago my girlfriend and I both sold our cars, and got cash, in under an hour. How did we manage to get the drivers at the same location, the test drive done, the paperwork signed, and $13,800 cash in hand within 30 minutes of one another? I’m going to share with you…
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