Comment Policy

Comment Policy for This Site

Make sure to have a specific question

When you make a new discussion, make sure to give your fellow Lifestyle Warriors something to talk about and focus their sharp minds. Be eloquent, or at the very least, passionate. Some good examples of questions:

“What is the best way to avoid a scam?”


“What are some examples of successful businesses that started out in their garage and grew to become greats?”

Stay on topic

This isn’t just a rule (well it is), but it’s also an act of kindness. When your fellow lifestyle warrior posts something, and then you digress, it makes them feel bad. If you decide to put a post, and then your fellow member decides to talk about another topic, wouldn’t that upset you? So please, stay true to the course. Some leniency is allowed as long as you get back on-topic within your next comment. After all, this is a community and we understand you want to connect with other people.

Don’t be a jerk

Pretty self-explanatory. While cussing is permitted, too much or needless vulgarity will be dealt with accordingly. Don’t insult others, say inflammatory remarks, be sexist, you get the drill.

No Cussing, that will get you booted and banned too

Don’t spam

The biggest problem is one-word responses. They will be deleted automatically with no warning whatsoever. Massive spaces and obviously troll-esque comments will be given a warning and then deleted. Continuing to this will result in a ban.

Don’t post things on the ban list

– links to affiliate programs

– mlm links

– Any form of self-promotion which include: blogs, business oppty’s, lead funnels, etc.

Use tags properly

English only

Help out your fellow Lifestyle Warriors

If you see someone post something similar, guide them to that discussion. Also, please flag any and all comments that are obvious infringements. However, if you’re not sure, just leave it alone. We will do our best to get to it.