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My Personal Debt Story

If you are considering getting yourself out of debt, you’re in the right place.

No matter how big your debt problem is, there is a way.

Is getting out of debt easy? No. Because it means changing one’s behaviors and behavioral change ain’t easy.

But, and this is a big ol’ butt. It’s necessary to make lasting change.

And that’s what we want right? Lasting change?

So that we can move on and start living a life of freedom and not a life of oppression and loathing.

So if you’re with me then I’d love to help you along your journey.

Below I’ve shared my story about debt and how I got out of it at the age of 27, only 3 years after I committed to becoming debt free.

You can do it too, with the right strategy and support anyone can.

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you around more often.


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My Personal Debt Story

The reason I’m here writing this for you is because I want for you what I didn’t have. I want you to AVOID debt at all costs, to avoid the stress that results from getting deeply in debt, and to avoid the pain and suffering that money problems can bring by not understanding the financial system.

Mostly I want you to see the light sooner, to avoid the mistakes I made, and to help you get out of debt faster than you ever thought possible.

Life After College

After graduating from college with a whopping $27k (which seems like a lot for some and a little compared to how much some students are straddling) I had begun working a string of sales jobs which really were rather silly when I think about them.

I was 24 years old, I was broke. Not destitute, but broke.

Stuck in debt and struggling to figure out my purpose in life I was renting a room from my dad and couldn’t even pay for a car, food, or my student loan debt with my pay check each month. I was making less than $1000 a month.

And the messed up thing was, I choose to be there for over 6 months before finally leaving that job.

It wasn’t because I couldn’t sell, I had sold over $17k in product for one company, and went on to sell over $2M in product for another, I was born to sell.

It was because I choose a company where you had to go door to door to businesses and cold sell them cellphone contracts in a time when everyone was asking for no contract plans…

It was a rough job and once you made a sale you had to go out and grind another day or so just to find another sale. The business model was jacked.

So I eventually left that job and bounced around to a few more jobs before landing my last real job, but more on that later…

I eventually had to ask myself “what am I doing wrong here?”

But the answer wasn’t that simple, it came in the form of another question actually. 

“What can I change to make my life better?”

As painful as it was to finally reach the answer, the answer to that question was ME.

I needed to change.

The Changes I Made

At the time I had just returned from Europe after a short quarter life crisis and quitting my entry level sales job selling advertising (yet another choice made out of desperation).

At the time I had no job, no income, no assets and over $30,000 in student loan debt (news flash, your debt doesn’t stop growing even if you take a trip to Europe to try and forget it…).

I was still living at home, and had no idea what I needed to be doing in life.

I’d spend weekends getting drunk with my “friends” trying to forget how much my life sucked.

And the sad thing was, the only person to blame was me.

That’s when I came across a little program that a friend of mine from high school recommended called Financial Peace University.

It literally changed my life, and that is NOT an exaggeration.

Before learning the principles in FPU I was struggling to find meaning in life, to realize my purpose and to realize my potential. Financial peace university gave me a purpose for the next 3 years, to DESTROY my debt, and to begin living my life of freedom I had always dreamt of.

It was from that day that I picked up that program and started listing to every single CD that I learned how to get out of debt and build freedom into my life.

I was going down a bad path, a dark path, which lead me to a lot of pain and suffering, with little to no prospects in life, and it was ME that got me there.

The only person I could blame was myself.

And the ONLY person who could get out of that was ME.

So I suggest that you keep reading and listen to what I have to say here.

At the end decide if it’s for you or not.

How Did I Do It?

To read the exact methods I used to get out of $33,555 of debt, check out 10 Lessons Learned From Paying Off $33,555 of Student Loan And Other Debt In Less Than 3 Years Earning Just Above Minimum Wage

At the time I was earning less than minimum wage (about $9.50 an hour), so I didn’t actually pay for the program… My friend lent me the CDs and I took them home that weekend, listening to every.single. lesson.

And boy did it help.

That same day I began building my own budget with pen and paper using Dave’s Monthly Cashflow Plan, which you can download for free from his site here: https://www.daveramsey.com/blog/free-download-budget-form, and started to see where my money was actually going.

I was ashamed to find out that I was spending $200 a month on booze on the weekends!! Thats over $2,400 a year which I WASNT PAYING BACK TO LOANS in order to simply “have fun”.

Booze Savings

How Much The “Party” Habit May Be Costing You

And just imagine if you are spending $50 a night 3 times a week… that’s over $450,000 that you could have saved should you choose to invest that instead of drinking it…

the difference between drinking on the weekends and investing on the weekends.

the difference between drinking on the weekends and investing on the weekends.

This one habit alone was costing me Hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run, quitting drinking has helped me save for my Porsche 911 turbo 😉 and you can get one on eBay for as little as $13,501…

porsche 911 turbo

(which btw isn’t as expensive as you’d think… new even it’s only $89,000… )

Here’s one you can pickup for only $18,995 and you can pay cash and maybe even get it for a reduced price!

porsche 911 turbo$18,500 cash

But I’m holding out for a white one with blue racing stripe…


And so each month I re-did my budget, became religious about cutting expenses, and of course the first expense to go was the weekend “fun”.

To be honest I don’t miss it, or the hangover that accompanied it.

Then I began searching for ways to increase my income.

I sold books, I sold personal belongings, video games, kitchen knives, dvd’s, vcr’s, bread makers, used electronics, anything that I could get my hands on to sell and then turn into cash to help pay off my debt faster.

And when I ran out of my stuff to sell I started selling other peoples stuff, family members stuff for them, stuff I found at garage sales and thrift stores, you name it.

When I started the 7 Baby steps back in 2015, I had $33,555 student loan debt and credit card debt and absolutely NO Savings, NO assets, and NO Hope. It was up about $5k from college due to bad spending habits and poor savings. 

But in less than 3 years I went from dead-beat college graduate to financially independent savvy saver, now living with his beautiful girlfriend, in a nice apartment, walking distance to work, with no debt and money in da bank!

It feels good to say that. 

UPDATE: Now I don’t work 9-5 any more. Stay tuned for how I did that. sign up for updates on the blog here: blog updates (p.s. its on the upper right where it says “Get notified when I post cool shit!”)

And I don’t want you to think that this is something that I did overnight, because I didn’t.

It took blood, sweat and tears to get here, and I didn’t do it alone either. I got help from those who have been here, done that, and I sought out the knowledge first.

Like what you are doing coming here.

I suggest that you read the recommended book list  and audios on this site. You don’t have to do it all at once but work your way through that list. That’s what helped me get here. 

Get yourself an Audible subscription and you get one book credit a month to use on any book (this will build the habit of listening to new helpful information consistently and open your mind to new ideas and possibilities).

Or you can simply download them on amazon for $9.95 per book.

But you need to be building a library of useful information and to submerge your mind in powerful thoughts from other great minds to become a great mind in the subject.

Notice: I didn’t say “positive” thoughts. Thinking positive will only get you so far. Thinking powerful will get you the extra distance you need to go. Compound interest is a powerful concept, exponential growth is too. I can do this is a positive thought but once you’ve been beat down a dozen times that thought starts to fade. You need results FIRST! then that builds the “I can do this” muscle.

If you’re really struggling to even pay your rent, then get a library card, and go check out these books, but READ THE DARN BOOKS FOR PETE SAKES! They will begin to change your thinking which will change your life.

And don’t think that your debt is something that you can’t get out of, that it’s some insurmountable mountain that you have to climb, because it’s not. It’s a foot race that you are running and how fast you run it is up to you.

And there is no pill that you can take that will run it for you.

You have to be willing to put in the work, effort, time and training to build the muscle’s you need to runs that race.

And one of the best training programs I know of when it comes to money races is the Financial Peace University program. Taking this course will set help build the foundation for you and your family to live a stress free financial lifestyle.

If it wasn’t for this program I would still be wallowing in debt wondering IF, not when, I would ever be able to live the lifestyle of freedom I so desperately wanted.

Thank you Dave and your team for creating that course. 

Important disclaimer: This is NOT an advertisement for Financial Planning, nor am I a certified planner, I was not paid to write this, I was not compensated by the originator of the program, nor through any form of profit share. Anything I recommend on this site I’ve personally used and believe in. Some of the links on this site, when you click on them, will give me a small affiliate commission at no additional cost to you. These links will cost you nothing to use, the price of the linked products and resources remain the same; however, when you use these links it helps support this site. It takes quite a bit to run a website and it ain’t cheap.



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