I have some big news, 3 years to the date I am able to say that I am 100% student debt free. Having paid off over $33,555 in student loan debt I’m now student loan and credit card debt free.

Final Student Loan Debt Payment


Let me just say that it wasn’t easy, but now that I’m completely free of that dead weight I can save as much as $1000 a month just from my linear income, not to mention any other income from passive assets like stocks and bonds, real estate, or income received from partnerships or affiliate relationships.

Final Student Loan Debt Payment

I am thinking about opening up some time to help coach some others on this same strategy, would you be interested? If so, write to me in the contact us page and let me know who you are, which country you live in, and how much debt you have.

If I get enough responses I may open up coaching.

Cheers guys!

Final Student Loan Debt Payment