Did you just recently finish recovering from an injury only to sustain yet ANOTHER injury? Maybe you tweaked your shoulder rolling the other day and you just can’t seem to stretch it out, AND YOU WENT TO A PHYSICAL THERAPIST TOO! Maybe you got seriously hurt and you’re off the mats for several more weeks. Whatever the case may be, getting injured sucks.

Get Back Up Only to Fall Back Down

I recently just sustained an injury in my business and it’s frustrating to say the least.

As soon as we got started rolling again I checked my email and noticed that a vendor we work with stopped integrating their software with our other vendors which put a huge dent in our business plan. It’s not going to cripple us, and we don’t have our mortgage on the line, but it’s not a drop in the bucket either.

What it has taught us though is to take some of our eggs out of that basket and begin building relationships elsewhere then with solely that vendor.

Patience is a Virtue

It’s also been a lesson in Patience. With the right perspective, I’ve begun to realize that things don’t need to happen all at once. Sometimes you just let things lie where they are.


If you’re going to lose money on the deal, and there is nothing you can do about it then there is nothing you can do about it. Better not to fight the current of a raging river and waste time and resources that could be directed to other opportunities. Save your energy for a different battle.

In Jiu Jitsu, rather than just focusing on only rolling hard all the time and giving up on training when you’re injured. Why not spend time tempering your mind as well?

Spending some time reflecting on strategy and sharpening the ax can mean that you chop the tree down faster next time you do it. If you have a physical limitations it doesn’t stop you from training unless you let it. And I don’t mean rolling slow or gently, I mean training other aspects of your game. Your mind.


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At first, I didn’t see it this way. I thought “oh no, there goes all that money or time”, but what I didn’t see was the opportunity else where. The opportunity to work on this site, to explore other avenues of income, other partnerships and the opportunity to refine the process we deploy to bring new products to market. The opportunity to sharpen the Ax if you will.

Options A or B:

When you’re injured you have two choices: (A) do nothing and wait for the injury to heal or (B) proactively train your mind so that when your body is ready again you will be better than before you got injured.

What about Option C? 

Some of you may be thinking “but why not continue training but just tell your partner about your injury”.

Depending on how serious your injury is you may be able to do that, just be aware that things like ribs, spine, knee or shoulder injuries take time to heal and depending on how severe could be permanent.

If It was a sore muscle then just taking it easy, not rolling hard, and letting your muscles heal they should be fine within the week. But if you have a pulled muscle, torn ligament, or a different joint issue it may be better to give your body a rest and just take off from training physically for a period of time. Notice I didn’t say “take time off from training” you should always be training some aspect of your game.

Whatever your injury is, you can still train and refine your skills. It may not always be that exhausting sweaty workout you were hoping for with the endorphin high and the heavy breathing, but not all rolls are like that anyway. If you’re injured and off the mats like we are, spend time honing your mind and sharpening the ax cause you will be glad you did come tree choppin’ time.

P.s. When you’re on the road and shit happens. Make sure you’re prepared by having travelers insurance. We’ve partnered with the best in the industry, world nomads, because they make things right when shit hits the fan. Check out what we have to say about them under the Travel resources: Travelers Insurance section of the site.

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