Do you find yourself craving a delicious and healthy meal that isn’t going to add weight to your waistline? Did you just finish crushing a gnarly set and have a huge appetite? Are you avoiding going to the dark side to get a good grub on? Well I happened to stumble upon just the place for you then my friend.

Whether you’re vegan or not, the food here is to die for. If you have ever been to Thai Land you know just how good pad Thai can get. And I’m not talking about Amy’s Pad Thai…

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Amy’s Pad Thai. Vegan Food Quickly.

The stuff is good, but it’s nothing like fresh Pad Thai.

Delicious Pad Thai food down in Tamarindo Costa Rica.

This Pad Thai was mad in the kitchen and was fresh, with peanuts and a squeeze of lime. Reminded me much of Thailand when I got to grub out.

At any point of the year you will find tourist wandering around, men hawking cigars and weed, and fire dancers dancing outside of your dinner spot randomly. There are surf board rental places scattered all over town and you find that many of the restaurants are run by foreigners.

Even in paradise one needs a vacation!

If you are coming down to Tamarindo you can stay one of two places, on the beach or not. On the beach you will pay a premium, off the beach you will walk some distance to the beach but it is easily done by foot.


Cost of food here at Pura Vegan is average for restaurants in the area. You are looking at $10-12 for a plate here. Tamarindo, before the huge boom in 2000 would have been much cheaper but since the inception of paved roads back before 2000 the place has been booming ever since.

Taxes are 13% for the country of Costa Rica, and most restaurants have a 10% service charge for tip to the waiters and waitresses. That will be factored into the cost.

If you’re looking for a chill place to eat some good healthy food be sure to check out Pura Vegan at or on Facebook at @puravegantamarindo. Pura Vegan is located right near the center of Tamarindo.

Delicious vegan cuisine in Tamarindo Costa Rica, Guanacaste.

In addition to the delicious Pad Thai (which took mere minutes to bring out) I got to sample some of the local kombucha and it was rockin’. 

Karita McLaughlin, a native to Vancouver Island Canada, moved down here to Guanacaste to heal her leaky gut and ended up starting a business with her sister and business partner. Now she is moving all across Costa Rica teaching the locals about the health benefits of probiotic drinks and fermented foods like Kombucha.

You can check out all her 11 flavors at and on Facebook at

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